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28 February 2007 @ 09:46 pm
Updates, changes, answers to questions!  
Alright alright! Because Hika is rubbish at LJ codes and all that stuff, no cool "click on this word to open long long explanation! Instead, you're all going to have to handle a huge chunk of text, unless Sophia decides to err... intervene and make things prettier. =A= (Is too lazy to attempt to remember how to make stuff pretty... orz)

Here's a small little update, changes to certain rules, and answers to all your questions!

1) Regarding them fantasy races!
Err. They're all extinct. Dragons and dwarves and elves and goblins and all that. All gone!
...and if they are ever needed we will come up with some really clever excuse, but that's till then.

2) Character Journals
Views on whether or not characters were allowed to comment on other characters' journals were different, so I guess I'll explain the two different options you have.

A. Private Journals
This is where your character writes a journal entry, meant to be private, that no character should be able to know about, ICly. OOC replies to such journals are allowed.
B. Public Rants
In which the character is allowed to rant and rant and rant as if the journal were some sort of non-realistic character chatroom. IC replies are allowed, and conversation can ensue within such entries.

Hika suggests that people feel free to alternate between the two options above. For certain entries, make it private. For other entries, maybe start a conversation because it'd be fun?
To make it clear whether or not IC replies are allowed, be sure to state clearly in that particular entry/post whether or not it is a Public Rant or a Private Journal! D:

3) Posting Orders
New update on the Posting Order rule!

A. Free threads
When it isn't a plot-centric thread, where participation is compulsory, the Moddypeople suggest that players wait for one~two days to make sure anyone who wants to join in that free thread has already joined.
B. Interceptions
Say a character needs to, or wants to, join in a free thread (or a thread) where a posting order has already been established. How does this work?
Say the initial posting order was: Hika > Sophia > Sanny-san > Kouya
And then Tela decides to cut in after Sophia's post, the NEW posting order will become:
Hika > Sophia > Tela > Sanny-san > Kouya
And round and round and round we go!
Makes sense?

4) The wedding!
What is the current opinion on the Wedding? How fast do you guys want it to arrive? Sophia and I feel that instead of us mods controlling everything, we want the other players to have some say and control over what happens to the RP. So, please feel free to start discussions on any other things you feel characters can do, or grab someone else to RP with.
If, for some reason, you feel that there's nothing else left to do, please also do tell us, just so we can start the plotty event before the RP dies!

Currently I think, we're waiting for the OutsideTheInn thread to finish. (Kale and Risa seem to be "about-done"?)

Feel free to use the reply option to discuss any other plans/plottythings/relationship attempts/sparkly gayness!

...And I think that's about it. D:
Sophia, kill me if I missed something out. I'm immortal online, so it's okay. :DDD


Reply people!
And start discussing!!! DDD:
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callofgod_mods on February 28th, 2007 02:21 pm (UTC)
About interceptions (to Tela, Kouya, and Sanity): We'll keep the posting order I mentioned for now, even though it's not so much cutting-in than shoving-in-at-the-end. So we stick with Blackened > Siena > Saquiche > Cross for now :D).

Also, stuff happening between now and the wedding doesn't HAVE to be related to the wedding at all. Surprise zombie attacks, anyone?

Also, while you guys are waiting for the Outside-the-Inn thread to finish, don't feel obligated to just sit there and twiddle your fingers. DO MORE STUFF. :D Sound's free, albeit more than a bit pissed about walking over all those splinters! contact me if interested because otherwise i'll let him sit around and make angry growly noises for a while.

callofgod_mods on February 28th, 2007 02:22 pm (UTC)

Answered some of Kouya's questions on character journals, which might help other people too: over here!
risa_zephyr on March 4th, 2007 05:07 am (UTC)
Just a thought, but, er, how do you post on character journals? I note that when the others post, the post in question appears both in the community and on their own page. I dunno how to do that.

For I am a LJ newbie OTZ
callofgod_mods on March 6th, 2007 08:58 am (UTC)

On the main LiveJournal page, you should see the link "Post", right?

Click that, make sure the dropdown menu next to "Post to" is on your username, type up your journal entry, then click the button that reads "Post to ".

Journal posted! :D

As for the posts appearing on both the community page and the players' own page, you're looking at the friend's page, right? (like here or here or whatever) That page just shows the latest entries of the journals on the friendslist of that journal (ie: Sound's friends' page shows entries made by Saquiche, Blackened, all the other characters, AND the communities, because I friended all of them :D)

So it's automatic. :3


(Also, as to why I am back even though i sent an email saying CHINA HATES US just this morning: I think I've found a way to access LJ, so we should be able to continue--just have to talk to Hika about it as well.)